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Welcome to my website. I have combined two websites. Onsite Photography and Ministry IN argentina,  for easier use. There are links above to my Time in South America.  That was a precious time, and still wish to share it with those who  are willing and wanting to see it.


The World is My Studio.


Bonnie Hudlet



Bonnie Hudlet’s photography experience covers over two decades, four continents, fifteen countries, and an aircraft carrier.

However, she could go back to the days of her childhood when she would go out to the gutter with her Kodak X-15, and take a picture of the way the water was flowing. She would even hold up binoculars to the camera to turn it into a telephoto lens. Photography was in her blood from the very beginning.

While teaching in Peru (1989-1991), she recognized that photography was her calling. After returning to the States in July of 1991, she did photography work at a ski resort for two winters and one summer. After that she worked six years doing photojournalism at a local newspaper, which honed her ability to get a shot no matter what the conditions were.  Her assignments would be from a mug shot to everyday living to action/sports to intense spot news with fire and police.

She has also worked in a camera store, volunteered with the fire department as a photographer, and made multiple mission trips with teams doing photography and video work. She has also photographed swim meets, action, senior portraits, engagement photos, reunions, weddings, and family portraits.

She was based in Argentina from 2005 to 2010 working with a variety of non-profits and ministries. In the fall of 2011, she was on an aircraft carrier in the Caribbean on a humanitarian mission with Project Hope.

Bonnie doesn’t have a brick and mortar studio—the world is her studio. She goes to the photo opportunity. Her photojournalistic style strives to let the photos tell the story, even in portraits.

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